Features   BusinessPlus Checking Business Checking  NOW Sole Proprietorship / Non-Profit Checking
Opening Balance  $50.00 $50.00 
  • $50.00 for Sole Proprietorship
  • $25.00 for Non-Profit 
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00  $10.00  $5.00
(After 10 checks for Non-Profit) 
Requirement(s) to
Waive Maintenance Fee
Maintain a minimum daily balance of $500.00   N/A


 Account that earns interest  N/A


(A monthly earning credit generated on your average monthly balance is used to reduce or eliminate monthly service fee)

(Interest is used to offset monthly maintenance fee)
Service Fee if Account Is Closed Within 6 Months of Opening  $30.00  $30.00  $30.00
Debit Card Yes Yes Yes

Our Mobile App lets you bank anywhere.

  • Text & Email Alerts of debit card transactions (approved or denied).
  • You are now able to turn off your debit card temporarily through Internet Banking if you think you have lost it and then turn it back on when you find it.
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit. Do your banking on your phone and deposit checks by taking a picture.

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