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We have been made aware of the possibility that checks are being taken out of people’s mailbox when they are mailing payments out, and then being replicated with a different payee. If possible, it may be best to take your mail directly to the post office to be mailed. Call the bank if you would like to discuss other options for paying your bills.

With fraud always on our minds, we want to send out a few reminders when it comes to our banking relationship.  Follow these simple steps to ensure that you are actually talking to the bank. 


  1. You may get a phone call that looks like it is coming from the bank.  If you do not recognize the person that is on the other end, politely hang up and call us back from a number you know.  We don’t mind!
  2. Remember:  The bank will NEVER ask you to provide information such as account numbers, user id, or passwords.  DO NOT provide this information to ANYONE that has called you saying they are from the bank.
  3. If you get a text that says it is from the bank and has a link, DO NOT click on the link.  If you want to verify, give us a call.

If you feel that you have fallen into a scam, call us immediately so that we can provide you with the help that is needed.

A dream came 80 years ago, on July 1, 1944, for the future of Metamora State Bank.

We entirely focus on our leadership and operating the Metamora State Bank as they did in 1944 with hard work, dedication, and community commitment.

- Kathleen Fischer, President

No one knows agricultural customers like MSB.

The Metamora State Bank promotes local commerce by providing credit to businesses, including our agricultural community. We offer loans for real estate purchases, facility construction, business equipment purchases, short-term working capital lines of credit, and agriculture loans.

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