The Metamora State Bank is excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile Banking App – MSB MOBILE

MSB Mobile brings our customer many exciting features such as:

FREE – The best feature of all is that this is a FREE app that will benefit all banking customers.

Card On/Off Feature – If you misplace or lose your debit card, you can launch your mobile app and turn your card off instantly.  If later you find your card, you can then go back in and turn your card back on.  This is an excellent security feature that protects you while traveling or going out.

Text/Email Alerts – You can set up security features on your phone that will test/email you when there is unusual activity on your account.  These alerts include login/password changes, transfers in dollar amounts above your set threshold and more.

AutoLogin – This allows you to set up your mobile banking so that when you launch your app, your balances screen comes up without requiring a login.  On this screen you are only allowed to view balances and see your last few transactions.  If at any point you want to do more, you just touch the screen and it will prompt you to login.  NOTE: If you use this feature, it is highly recommended that you update your phone to require some type of security passcode to access your phone.

Location/Contact Us – You are able to get location and contact information as well as our banking hours with just the touch of a finger.  The contact information includes phone numbers to both branches, credit card number, and AFTER HOURS debit card number.  You can access these from the mobile app without logging in; making it convenient and extremely accessible.

AND NOW- MOBILE DEPOSIT – Capture and deposit checks right on your phone! Just choose “Deposit” from your menu and follow the easy on screen instructions to deposit your check.  Remember to endorse your check with the payee signature and also “For MSB MOBILE deposit only”.  It is important to have this information on your check or your deposit will be rejected.

Go to the Apple Store or Google Play to download your app today!

NOTE:  To access MSB MOBILE you must have internet banking services with Metamora State Bank.  If you are not already an internet banking customer please go to the home page, click on first time user and go through the setup.  It’s quick, easy, and so convenient you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before!!



Over the past several months, we’ve been busy preparing to upgrade and enhance both our product offerings and service to you. We’re pleased to tell you that on October 23, 2015, we were able to provide you with many new advantages. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the exciting changes that have been completed.

Benefits for You

  • Text & Email Alerts of debit card transactions (approved or denied)
  • You are now able to turn off your debit card temporarily through Internet Banking if you think you have lost it and then turn it back on when you find it
  • AND COMING 2016 – Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit
    Do your banking on your phone and deposit checks by taking a picture from your phone

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us at 419.644.2361 or 419.885.1996 or email

Thank you for your patience during the upgrade of our systems. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We look forward to providing you with the best products and services to meet your financial needs.


CHANGE IN TERMS effective 10/23/2015

Statement Savings Account-interest will be paid on your account at the end of each quarter: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Payment order of items: On your account, we will generally post ATM and Debit Card items based on the time stamp, ACH smallest to largest and then by check number order.


Internet Banking

  • When you log in to Internet Banking for the first time on or after Monday, October 26, please follow these instructions:
  • Enter your existing Login ID
  • Enter your security code
    This is your Login ID plus the last four of your SSN
  • Create a Login
    Choose your Username and Password
  • Security Questions & Answers
    Select a question from each of the three drop-down menus and select an answer for each
  • Enter a personal greeting and select a personal image.
    The personal greeting must be at least four characters
  • Log in to Internet Banking
    Answer the security question and input your password to access Internet Banking
  • As part of the upgrade, customers who receive E-Bills through Internet Banking are no longer receiving active links within the E-Bill notice. You should have received a notification when the links in E-bills were deactivated.
  • Your checking and savings account history did not convert to the new system.
  • E-Statement customers have received several email notifications with instructions on logging in to retrieve their statement.

Telebanc (877-My MSB 411)

When you log in for the first time after this date, you will need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number and then you will be required to select a new PIN.

Steps to Login to Internet Banking after October 26th 12 pm Click Here

Open An Account

Metamora Banking Center
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Metamora, OH 43540
Phone: (419) 644-2361
Fax: (419) 644-5774

Sylvania Banking Center
8282 Erie Street
Sylvania, OH 43560
Phone: (419) 885-1996
Fax: (419) 885-5151



8:30 am – 4:30 pm (M-TH)
8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Fri)
8:30 am – 12:00 pm (Sat)


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